Noise Complaint on Penrhyn Road regrading

From resident, Little Bay to Sydney Ports

Last night from about 11pm 18/5/11 to at least early this morning at 4am 19/5/11 there was an ongoing noise coming from Port Botany (low pitched repetitious thumping). I finally gave up sleeping and went to investigate this noise and found it to be the company Piling Contractors doing some kind of drilling work at Port Botany, Penrhyn Road, opposite Caltex near large roundabout next to Patricks.

 The company was easy to identify as all the equipment has the web address on it.

 I understand that work needs to be done at Port Botany but this late night noise was continuous and very intrusive to the extent that it prevented sleeping.  Looking on your website at Infrastructure works at Port Botany the only thing I can find in the vicinity appears to be a Road Bridge over Rail Line on Penrhyn Road.  Could you please give me an indication of what the work is for and how long this night time work will be going on for? Though not acceptable if there is an end in sight it can be tolerated.

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