Cycling trio and truck collide at PORT BOTANY

Cyclists and truck collide

Stephanie Gardiner   LINK to Sydney Morning Herald Story

March 14, 2012 – 9:55AM

Cyclist trio knocked down by truck

A collision in Port Botany, Sydney leaves three cyclists injured after they attempted to overtake a bus.

A truck and a group of cyclists have collided in Sydney’s south early this morning, with the riders saying they were trying to overtake a bus pulled over at a bus stop when the crash happened.

Four cyclists were knocked off their bikes and three were injured in the collision about 7am on Bumborah Point Road, Port Botany.

An Ambulance Service of NSW spokesperson said one of the riders was in a serious condition. He was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital.


Three injured … a truck has collided with cyclists in Port Botany.

Two others sustained minor injuries in the crash, while the other cyclist escaped injury, police said.

Herald photographer at the crash site said the cyclists, from the Randwick-Botany Cycling Club, told him there was a group of about 12 riders cycling south.

One of the injured cyclists holds his shoulder as he is treated by paramedics.Hurt … one of the injured cyclists holds his shoulder as he is treated by paramedics.Photo: Nick Moir

They said they were trying to overtake a bus, which had pulled over at a bus stop, when the collision happened. The cyclists told the photographer it appeared the truck was trying to pull into a driveway at the time. Botany Bay duty officer, Inspector Chris Schilt, said the the truck was driving north and as he made a right hand turn the cyclists hit the side of the truck.

Damaged bikes ... three cyclists have been injured.Damaged bikes … three cyclists have been injured. Photo: Nick Moir

Randwick-Botany Cycling Club president, John Buckton, said it was so far unclear which club members were hurt, but the seriously injured rider was believed to be a new member named Steve. Mr Buckton said the club cycled in Port Botany every Wednesday morning and occasionally came across long lines of trucks trying to get into a container yard.

“On rare occasions you’ll get lines of trucks right up the road and apparently that was the case this morning,” Mr Buckton said.

“Added to this, when you get lines of trucks the vision is down.”

Mr Buckton said the club, a century-old organisation that has members riding up to 800 kilometres a week, ride outside of peak hours to avoid gridlock.

“It’s a very big shock and something that we don’t want to firstly experience, and secondly hear about.  “Not only our members, but all cyclists. It really shouldn’t happen.”

He said a crash like this raises awareness about the safety of cyclists, which is difficult to ensure in a city like Sydney.

“Sydney is gridlocked with cars. “I’m not sure that such an animal exists – a safe place to cycle.”

Mr Buckton said cyclists have to put up with abuse from drivers on a daily basis.

The bus driver witnessed the collision and police said they were hoping to view the CCTV footage from the bus. Inspector Schilt said the truck driver was shaken, but OK.

Yusen Logistics, the owner of the truck involved, has been contacted for comment.


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10 Responses to Cycling trio and truck collide at PORT BOTANY

  1. congwongbay says:

    The suburbs surrounding Port Botany were here long before the Port and they are some of the oldest and most historic in Australia. The residents of Banksmeadow and Botany should be able to walk and cycle to the beaches around La Perouse. Their local beach, Foreshore/Botany, along with Penrhyn Spit were destroyed for the third container terminal. Of course there are trucks but there are vehicles all over Sydney roads they don’t just circle around Port Botany. Making cycling and walking safe should be a priority not something dodged as evidenced in this SSROC report of 2009:

    The Port is an interesting and vital precinct and there are plenty of features to interpret on a walk and cycle path.

  2. paramedic says:

    if cyclists stuck to the road rules there would be alot less incidents. As a paramedic I go to many cyclists hit, and the majority of the time they are at fault. For example if anyone visits centennial park early in the morning, it is full of cyclists travelling in large groups travelling way faster than the speed limit of 30km, they then try and say that a car pulled out in front of them causing the accident. the fact is, cars are entering the park in what would ordinarly be ample room to enter, however the cyclists are travelling well in excess of the 30km limit, therefore approach quicker than expected, causing them it run into the back of cars. I wont even get started on the obstructions they cause to emergency services when we are trying to go lights and sirens! they need to pay rego, have number plates and insurance and been monitored by police like the rest of us.

    • Eddy Merckx says:

      WTF has Centennial Park got do with an accident in Port Botany?

    • Shannon says:

      To the so called Paramedic, you gutless tool. I don’t believe you are a paramedic, and if so doubt you are a credible Paramedic..
      Lights and sirens?? just so you know, there is no legislation that states Paramedics can disobey the (RTA) road rules. It is a case of police turn a blind eye to you travelling unnecessary fast to sore toes for your own enjoyment ! So i’m sure you have broken more laws than i have on my bike. I have a car also. i pay rego, i pay insurance, i have pvt health insurance, I pay racing insurance and racing rego. Want cyclists to pay more rego id gladly pay … be careful what you wish for as you might get it and we will always take a full lane and ride at 30km/h. …and i’m going to find out who you are.. lots of love Newie Paramedic !

      • Steph says:

        Who needs to be driving through Centennial Park between 5am-7:30am anyway! Get on a bike and ride to work, If you live near the park and work in the city, its a damn lot quicker!

      • Ron says:

        Please don’t judge all Paramedics by this persons views Shannon, I am also a Paramedic of some 16 years experience and I don’t agree with what this person has stated, and if that is their attitude I think it time they had a career change.Sorry for the offence caused by an insensitive colleague and rest assured this attitude is isolated to this individual.

    • Shane says:

      Paramedic you are an idiot!! As a paramedic i would have thought that human life was more important to you but in your comment you are more concerned with laying blame. when a cyclist hit or vice a verse the cyclist always loses but that fact seems to be lost on you. Most cyclist would be happy to pay rego if that meant idiots like yourself treated us better on the roads. The fact is the average cyclist earns well over the average wage and as such pays much more tax so if that is your criteria then it follows that cyclist should have more right to the road than someone earning less. It is a stupid argument but you cannot have it both way. Also cyclist train in Centennial Park for safety reasons in the mornings where most car at that time are using it as a short cut.

  3. Ambo says:

    Dear Paramedic, as a fellow paramedic and a keen cyclist I am quite disgusted by your comments. I don’t know where you work but being in the city region I don’t feel I get held up by cyclist, but more so by incompetent drivers.
    As with centennial park, do you not feel that this is a safe haven for riders to try and have a good work out rather than “causing them to run into the back of cars”.
    I would like you to do some research before making such comments with regards to comments. Most cyclists are affiliated with a cycling federation which means paying fees similar to rego.
    Next time you make such judegment, look a little deep into the issue before making such assumptions.

  4. paramedic no. 2 says:

    As a paramedic and a cyclist I think my colleague needs to pull his head in and think about his comments before making them public. The road is there to share, end of story. How much exercise do you do chump?

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