Keep Molineux Point in public hands

At a recent Sydney Ports community meeting a briefing on the 99 lease of Port Botany was provided by a NSW Treasury official. According to this official the tourist drive and lookout at Molineux Point is likely to be included in the lease. This area was a small piece of compensation for loss of shoreline and recreational amenity when the Port was built the 1970s. It is at the final leg of the Randwick City Council Eastern Surburbs Coastal Walk which starts at Clovelly.

LOGOThe Treasury Officer overseeing the 99 year lease of Port Botany (and Port Kembla, Enfield, Cooks River Terminal) is Tim Spencer. Mr Spencer (BSc(Econ)(Hons) is the Deputy Secretary, Commercial Policy and Financing. He was previously Under Treasurer of the Queensland Treasury Department. In this role, he oversaw the sale of Port Brisbane.

Mr Spencer has previously held other senior management and executive positions in the public sector in Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, where his responsibilities have spanned economic policy research and development, establishment of market arrangements and the long-term leases of electricity assets, restructuring of government- owned electricity businesses, investment and borrowing activities, and the implementation of National Competition Policy.

This photo is from the website of the architect(Tim Williams)
who designed works to celebrate a sister city relationship with Yokkhaichi Port.

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