Mishaps in January

Port Botany Blues:  from Sydney Ports publication eCurrent January 2012


January was a busy month at Port Botany for Sydney Ports’ security staff and emergency services called to a series of accidents and incidents.

Most were avoidable, prompting a call by Sydney Ports for all road and water users to obey the law and use common sense when driving their car, truck or boat.

The most spectacular mishap saw a large container truck overturn outside the Port Botany terminal, leaving a major headache for emergency services and local traffic on what was one of January’s hottest days. The driver managed to climb, unaided, out of the rig while Sydney Ports’ staff issued a One Stop alert for vehicles to avoid the area until the road was cleared.  [Botany Road had to be closed]

(Pictured above: The overturned truck at Port Botany)

In another incident, a driver discovered that traffic advisory signs are there for a reason.

Bogged truck

Big rigs and sand – not a good combination

Despite the no left turn vehicles over 6m sign, the driver took his rig down Prince of Wales Drive, only to find that getting in was easier than getting back out.

An attempt to head over a traffic island saw the rig get only a few feet off the road before getting hopelessly trapped in the sand.

Over at the Port Botany boat ramp it was more than just a runabout that got wet. This isn’t the first time Sydney Ports’ staff have had to call emergency services to recover a car and trailer that all went just that little bit too far down the ramp. Happily injuries were restricted to just the owner’s pride.

Trailer mishap

The ripples in red and direction of the spectators’ gaze both point to the final resting place of the car and trailer

Rounding off the month, Sydney Ports’ staff notified emergency services of a small runabout that washed up, unattended, on a nearby beach as well as to a grass fire that burned through vegetation at the boat ramp.

With no reports of missing persons, police took the boat away while NSW Fire Brigades were called to control the fire that started on the northern side of Foreshore Drive before jumping firstly to the median strip and then to the southern side of the road.

Boat caught out of water

The small runabout washed ashore at Port Botany

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