Matraville Village Centre swamped by dangerous trucks

Matra 4

Matraville residents call for action on Bunnerong Road as dangerous driving continues, James Taylor, Southern Courier, 16 February 2015

Matra 1(Photo right: Matraville Precinct Committee members Jozef Imrich, Mal Jaydev with longtime residents and Bunnerong Rd safety campaigners Steve McAndrew and Carlos Da Rocha want action on the suburb’s dangerous Bunnerong Road; above Trucks traveling through School Zones in Matraville Village Centre).

MATRAVILLE  residents fed up with dangerous driving along Bunnerong Rd have renewed calls for action amid fears it is “only a matter of time” before ­someone else is killed.

Safety campaigner Carlos Da Rocha is calling for an end to oversized trucks flaunting size restrictions and vehicles performing ­illegal U-turns.

He said trucks were using the Bunnerong Rd and Daunt Ave intersection to perform illegal U-turns.

“I get the impression it’s going to take another ­serious fatality before ­something is done,” Mr Da Rocha said.

The tragic death of an 82-year-old passenger in a two-car accident at the Bunnerong Rd and Botany Rd intersection last year prompted calls for the ­installation a roundabout or traffic lights.

The RMS launched ­an investigation shortly after.

Matra 3

Bunnerong Rd safety campaigners Steve McAndrew and Carlos Da Rocha (front) and Matraville Precinct Committee members Jozef Imrich, Mal Jaydev (back) stand at a dangerous intersection on Bunnerong Rd and Botany Rd.

“We are continuing ­investigations into safety improvements at the ­intersection of Bunnerong Rd and Botany Rd at Matraville. Investigations are ongoing,” an RMS spokesman said.

He said illegal U-turns by trucks had been reduced with the completion of a new truck marshalling area on Bumborah Point Rd.

Bunnerong Rd is an important route for trucks accessing Botany Port.

Matra 2

Percy Street resident of 27-years Steve McAndrew and safety campaigner Carlos Da Rocha are fed up with trucks speeding along the quiet street.

Eastern Beaches LAC ­detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate said police regularly conducted heavy vehicle operations along the route, watching for illegal activity, ­checking licences, logbooks and loads.

Supt Dengate said drivers and pedestrians using ­Bunnerong Rd needed to understand the needs of trucks using the route.

“In that area we have a lot of heavy vehicles and people need to understand that they have a greater turning circle, have a greater need for space when stopping and their vision can be higher with some restrictions,” he said.

Bunnerong Rd has a 12.5m length restriction for all vehicles, with the exception of a small number of B-double trucks exceeding 19m that cannot use any other route.

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