Innovation and youth shine at Qenos Excellence Awards

WEB The Mullooly Nigel BridgemanIt was a tight competition between seven finalists in the annual Safety, Health and Environment Excellence Awards held on Friday.   One team produced a new de-pressuring device,  which was named  The Mullooly after team member and apprentice engineer Aiden Mullooly.  Another saved well over $1 million with their storm water exclusion solution. Props were a feature this year and The Delumper team impressed with a variety of shapes and sizes. WEB Delumper VijayApprentice Broadie Oakes presented one of the two winning entries – the Seed Bin Unloading Resin Pallecon Filter.  WEB Seed Bin Team with Jonathan and BrodieHis team successfully completed the work in 3 weeks for under $3000 representing significant savings on the original quote of 12 months and $62,000.   Gabriel Rojas led the other winning team for the Replacement of Bursting Tubes on Secondary Compressor.  They achieved a 95% improvement in reliability which resulted in a major reduction in annual VOC emissions and associated annual savings of over $200,000.WEB Jonathan Clancy and Gabriel Rojas

Qenos employs around 750 people at its Melbourne and Sydney plants and supplies industries that employ hundreds of thousands of Australians. The Qenos Botany complex operates four plants at Botany, identified as Olefines, Alkatuff, Alkathene and Site Utilities. The Olefines plant processes ethane feedstock sourced from the Cooper basin in South Australia into around 250 kT of ethylene per year for the two downstream polyethylene plants and other domestic and export customers. The Alkathene plant uses a high-pressure polymerisation process and is currently producing about 70 kT of low-density polyethylene per year. The Alkatuff plant requires only low pressure for production and currently produces around 100 kT of a tougher, lighter polymer called linear low-density polyethylene.  Site Utilities provides steam and power to all Qenos Botany plants and also the neighbouring Orica Chlorine and Huntsman Surfactants plants.

In 2008, Qenos became a subsidiary of China National Bluestar (Group) Ltd, a joint venture between China National Chemical Corporation and The Blackstone Group, a leading global alternative asset manager and provider of financial advisory services listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  ChemChina is one of the leading specialty chemical and petrochemical companies in China with its headquarters in Beijing. China National BlueStar (Group) Co. Ltd. is a large-scale state-owned enterprise, which is a specialized subsidiary of ChinaChem Group Corporation. Also headquartered in Beijing, BlueStar focuses on new chemical products and specialty chemicals.

Read:  My China Business Lesson by  Qenos CEO Jonathan Clancy – pictured here presenting awards.



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