Strategic Planning to secure the Port – NOT

Denison 4Denison 3Denison 1Advertising for 4 ha of the Botany Industrial Denison 2Park(BIP).

Once owned by ICI the BIP is now home to 3 Major Hazard Facilities,including a Chlorine operation, in addition to a stockpile of HCB waste, a Groundwater Treatment Plant and a large cell containing mercury contaminated soil.  The Groundwater Treatment Plant decontaminates water from the Botany Aquifer,contaminated by ICI operations. The process is likely to continue into the next century.

The BIP is located on Denison Street which is a Dangerous Goods Route servicing the BIP itself as well as Port Botany.  There are residents on this street living with ‘unacceptable risk‘ because of their proximity to the BIP combined with the risk associated with hazardous goods carried along this route.

The  BIP is subject to the 3 Ports SEPP, a planning instrument intended to provide a buffer for port operations and ensure that only port related activities are carried out. Adding large traffic-generating activities near the port has the effect of slowing down operations and making the port less competitive.

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One Response to Strategic Planning to secure the Port – NOT

  1. ross says:

    When will Orica admit to abandoning the 20 lot subdivision and getting the same result without the public scrutiny and traffic lights (and risk report)

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