Greater Sydney Commission’s understanding of Open Space and Port Botany

The description of Open Space in the Greater Sydney Commission’s Draft Central District Plan (page 138):

Different types of open space serve different purposes. The Sydney Open Space Audit, available at, has categorised open space as either regional open space, district open space or local open space. Regional open space has a regionwide catchment, serving communities across Greater Sydney. District open space serves a number of neighbourhoods or suburbs, with a catchment that often extends across council boundaries. Open space makes up almost 14% of the District and 56% of all open space is regional open space. The largest areas of open space in the Central District are around La Perouse and Malabar, Centennial Park and Moore Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain. Although the distribution of open space across the District is uneven, all homes within the Central District are within recommended five kilometres distance from regional open space.

Go to the Open Space Audit and although it doesn’t include the old Rockdale Council area the open space is still 14%.  Did anyone bother to update when the decision was made to include the Rockdale portion of Bayside – previously in Southern District – with the Botany portion which has always been in Central.

Turning to Open Space highlighted in the map in the Audit and note that in Randwick this includes: Botany Cemetery (Matraville),the La Perouse Market Gardens(Phillip Bay), NSW Golf Course(La Perouse), St Michael’s Golf Course(Little Bay), The Coast Golf Course (Little Bay), Randwick Golf Course (Malabar).  Looks like someone looked at the map of Crown Land and decided that it was all public open space, except Randwick Racecourse which is not marked as Open Space and neither is Molineux Point Lookout at Port Botany where public access was guaranteed as part of the Port Botany lease agreement.

The map used for the Audit is so out of date that Botany Beach is still in tact. The Foreshore  Boat Ramp and ‘Beach’ was opened by Eric Roozendaal 14th October 2010.

The map of Port Botany for the Productivity Section includes the 3rd terminal at Port Botany but Banksmeadow is marked as Hilldale, the Green Public Space at Molineux Point is not marked, Botany Bay is marked as Stingray Harbour (Cook’s first name for the Bay) while the Patrick Terminal is labelled Botany Bay.   The Cemetery and Market Gardens are included as public open space.


The Catchment and Waterways map on Page 132  is missing the 3rd Terminal at Port Botany as too are the Primary and Secondary Schools maps on pages 120 and 121 and the Housing Market map on page 90 and the Net Dwelling Completion on page 88.  Even the Freight Network Map on page 73 doesn’t have the 3rd Terminal nor the Strategic Districts Map, page 56 where Port Botany is one of the 9 Strategic Districts and the Labor Productivity Map on page 39 and Sydney City’s Gross Value add page 38 or the Global Sydney on page 26 and the main map in the introductory section.

Page 140 of the Draft Central District Plan contains a map which includes  National Park Reserves however Wolli Creek Regional Park and Malabar Headland National Park are not marked.  And again the third terminal at Port Botany is missing.

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