Concrete Batching Plants in 3 Ports SEPP Beauchamp Road & Corish Circle

Holcim is seeking approval for the construction and operation of a concrete batching plant fronting Beauchamp Road, next to Veolia at Banksmeadow.



Holcim Banksmeadow newsletter #1 May ’18

Holcim Banksmeadow Newsletter #2_July 2018  –

another Concrete Batching Plant is proposed on Corish Circle see Newsletter Hanson Concrete Corish Circle

The Holcim proposal is for 40 trucks per hour, the Hanson for 38.  Both sites are within the boundaries of the 3 Ports SEPP   

The SEPP Amendment is on exhibition until 1st November 2018  Explanation of Intended Effect State Environmental Planning Policy Three Ports Amendments

NOTE:  The Botany Randwick Industrial Land Use Safety Study Overview published in 2001 has not been updated.

The 1996 Port Botany Land Use Safety Study Report

Fire and Rescue NSW September 2016 submission on Orica Subdivision  

Response by Fire and Rescue NSW October 2016  after changes made.

Orica Subdivision Planning Approval November 2016


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