This site has been established primarily to record impacts on local amenity and the environment from Port Botany operations and ongoing expansion as trade increases from around 2 million to over 8 million TEU.  In addition,  information about the Randwick Botany Industrial Complex  and the cumulative risk profile of the North Botany Bay region will be provided along with features on good practice.

The photograph in the header is of the former Botany Beach that has been reduced considerably because of the Port Expansion.  The nearest beach is at Yarra Bay which should be an easy walk or bicycle ride away.

Many issues concerning local amenity and environmental health have been raised at community meetings including the Port Botany Neighbourhood committee which in 2013 was  merged with the Port Botany Expansion Community Consultative COmmittee to form the Port Botany Community Consultative Committee. (see Community Consultation).

In November 2012 a Bill enabling the sale of Port Botany was passed by the NSW Parliament.  During the passage of the Bill, requests were made to include an amendment to retain Molineux Point and Prince of Wales Drive as public assets.    However, with the support of the Fishers and Shooters and Christian Democrats Molineux was included in the 99 year lease agreement and so this once public area (part of a public offset for building the Port in the 1970s) is now controlled until 2112 by a private corporation – NSW Ports.

As part of the ‘deal’  (which yielded a much higher than expected return) a number of staff from Sydney Ports Corporation were transferred to NSW Ports.  There was also an assurance given by the NSW Government (through Fisheries) that a Fishing Platform to accommodate disabled fishers would be built at Molineux.  However, this was later blocked by staff in NSW Ports.  Fishers are discouraged from using Molineux and Prince of Wales Drive and by default are using the highly polluted boat ramp controlled by Sydney Ports Corporation(now the  Port Authority of NSW) or nearby swimming and snorkeling spots such as Bare Island, or at highly dangerous areas such as Cape Banks.  There is no place for Disabled Fishers.


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