Sydney Ports Penrhyn Estuary Rehabilitation

Sydney Ports Corporation has spent about $8 million to rehabilitate and expand Penrhyn Estuary to secure the area for migratory birds protected by State and Federal legislation.

Habitat Enhancement Plan detailing the works and long term management and monitoring has been prepared and approved by the Department of Planning and Commonwealth Department of Environment, Heritage and the Arts.

Key features of the works are:

  • weed and mangrove removal
  • creation of 2.4 hectare of planted saltmarsh habitat to achieve a total area of 3.5 hectare
  • expansion of intertidal sand flats for shorebird feeding to 14 hectare (from 8 hectare)
  • creation of 6.5 hectares of seagrass habitat
  • construction of a public lookout and bird hide
  • long term maintenance.

Long term monitoring of the success of the enhancement works will be undertaken by Sydney Ports.  Offset package is required to be implemented should works be unsuccessful.  NOTE:  Sydney Ports used the EPA’s Green Draft Offsets (Biobanking by its former name) to establish a ‘value’ for Penrhyn should the ‘enhancement’ plan for the area fail – Offset Package – Note the saltmarsh is valued at $980,000 and the shorebird habitat at $340,000


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