Botany Industrial Park

The Botany Industrial Park (BIP) was established in December 1998 as part of a requirement by the then NSW Department of Urban Affairs and Planning, in order to ensure that established safety, health and environmental standards were maintained.

The BIP is located in Banksmeadow occupying over 60 hectares bounded by Beauchamp Road to the south, Denison Street to the east, Corish Circle and Anderson Street to the north and the Botany rail freight line to the west.  The Site has been in constant operation since the 1940’s, over which time a number of different manufacturing plants have come and gone. Previously owned in its entirety by Orica (the former ICI Australia) and was subdivided in 1998.

The following three companies now own the BIP, which is the third largest complex of its type in Australia.

  • Orica Australia Pty Ltd now operates the Groundwater Treatment Plant and manages site legacy issues, including the HCB Waste Repackaging Plant.
  • Huntsman Corporation Australia Pty Ltd operates the Surfactants Plant. Huntsman is entirely independent of Orica, and operates other facilities across Australia.
  • Qenos Pty Ltd operates the Site Utilities, Olefines, Alkathene and Alkatuff Plants. Formerly operated as a joint venture plastics manufacturing company between Exxon-Mobil and Orica, Qenos is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of ChemChina Bluestar and is entirely independent of Orica. It operates another petrochemical complex in Altona, Victoria.

In addition to these three operating companies Qenos, Huntsman and Orica, the BIP also co-ordinates activities with other companies that lease land on site from Orica. These include Ixom which operates the former Orica Chlor-Alkali Plant at the southern end of the Site near Beauchamp Road; Air Liquide in Baker Street at the northern end of the site; KBR (engineering) which occupies offices on the corner of Denison Street and Beauchamp Road; and Broadspectrum (“BRS”) (maintenance, projects and turnarounds) which is located at the north end of the site, off Corish Circle.

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