Port Botany Community Consultative Committee Minutes

Kelli Parkin who moved from Matraville because of the impact of port noise - link to interview on 2UE on 17/8/14

Kelli Parkin who moved from Matraville because of the impact of port noise – interviewed on 2UE 17/8/14

All the Port Botany Neighbourhood Liaison Group(PBNLG)  minutes in one place so you can read about the discussions that have taken place on issues such as noise, access, biosecurity, marine protection, traffic and planning.  Comment will follow – your feedback is welcomed.  The PBNLG was merged with the former PBCCC (set up specifically for the expansion).


Port-Botany CCC -14 -November 2017

Port-Botany CCC 14 – August 2017

Port Botany References GSC Sydney East Rev Draft

Port Botany CCC  13 – May 2017

Port Botany CCC -12-  February 2017

Port Botany CCC  -11- November 2016

Port-Botany CCC-10- 30 August 2016

Port Botany CCC -9- May 2016


Port-Botany-CCC-7 – December-2015

Port-Botany-CCC-6 -August-2015

Port-Botany-CCC-5 -May-2015

Port-Botany-CCC-4 March-2015

Port-Botany-CCC-5 November-2014  Report from EPA on Noise PB CCC 25-11-14 EPA NOISE

Port-Botany-CCC-4 August-2014

Port-Botany-CCC-3 May-2014



Port-Botany-CCC-2 February-2014

Port-Botany-CCC-1 November-2013  –  First meeting of the combined Neighbourhood Committee and Community Consultative Committee for the Port Expansion

Port-Botany-NLG-August 2013-22

Port-Botany-NLG-May 2013-21

PBNLG_February 2013_20

Port_Botany_NLG_November 2012_19_

Port_Botany_NLG_August 2012_18_

Port_Botany_NLG_May 2012_17_

Port_Botany_NLG_February 2012_16_

Port_Botany_NLG_November 2011_15_

Port_Botany_NLG_August 2011_14_

Port_Botany_NLG_May 2011_13_

Port_Botany_NLG_February 2011_12_

Port_Botany_NLG_November 2010_11_

PBNLG_Minutes_-_August 2010__10

PBNLG_Minutes_-_May 2010__9

Port_Botany_NLG_February 2010_No_8_

PBNLG_Minutes_-_November 2009__7

PB_NLG_August 2009__6_

PB_NLG_May 2009_5_

PBNLG_February 2009_4

Port_Botany_NLG_Novmber 2008 3_

Port_Neighbourhood_August 2008_2

Port_Neighbourhood_May 2008_1


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