An assurance was given by the Government that a Disabled Fishing Platform would be constructed at Molineux Point.  This was in February 2013 after the Bill to enable the 99 year lease of the Port – including Molineux and Prince of Wales Drive – had been passed but before the sale was concluded in May 2013.   The Government (Fisheries) were to fully fund the platform but had to agree details with the new owner.   The new owner employed many of the same staff as the old owner (Sydney Ports) and there was no progress on the platform.

warningOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInstead advice was given that it would be constructed at the Boat Ramp in the most polluted area in Botany Bay.

WEB NSW Ports Community Fish Cleaning Facility The poorly designed (expensive) fish cleaning facility which in summer in particular is a stinking mess.  Sydney Ports ‘community’ liaison staff during the T3 expansion refused to take feedback from community on how to improve this.

One that got away: sitting on the dock of the bay,by Richard Macey, SMH,September 23 2002

Victim of developers … Max Reid, 10, of Matraville, a keen angler since the age of three, fishes from the Penrhyn Street jetty. Photo: Robert Pearce


As a child, Mark Reid would skip school to dangle a fishing line from Botany Bay’s jetties. Now 40, the Matraville father has a 10-year-old son, Max, who has inherited his passion for fishing.

But Mr Reid fears Sydney’s next generation of children may never learn the pleasures of the sport. The problem, he says, is that jetties dedicated to fishing, where children can safely drop a line without bothering passers-by, are being lost to property development.

His concern is echoed by the Australian National Sportfishing Association and the South Sydney Amateur Fishing Association which say the bay’s last public jetty, at the end of Penrhyn Street, Banksmeadow, will go with the Sydney Ports Corporation’s proposed $260 million Port Botany expansion.

The sportfishing association’s vice-president, John Burgess, said the corporation had been asked to build at least one new public jetty and two boat ramps.

A corporation spokeswoman said she was aware of the submission. “We will need to consider that in the development of the proposal,” she said.

Stan Konstantaras, president of the South Sydney Association, joined the appeal, saying all developers involved in major Sydney waterfront projects should be required to add public fishing jetties.

While amateur anglers were now paying millions of dollars a year in licence fees, access to Botany Bay had declined for those without boats and he feared the same would happen next on Sydney Harbour.

Jetties, Mr Konstantaras said, were “always under threat of closure from development and, in some cases, resident opposition. Many marinas that were once open to the public and kids have locked gates.”

Where fishing on wharves was permitted, anglers had to jostle with commuters catching ferries.

Mr Konstantaras feared that unless new jetties were built children would have to turn to dangerous rocks or use expensive rods to fish from a beach.

“But the ease with which a child can drop a $2 handline over the side of a jetty, catch a yellowtail, small mackerel or countless other small fish will keep them entertained for hours.

“Jetties … attract marine life and support intricate food webs that in turn support fish.”

A Waterways spokesman conceded Botany Bay was short of public jetties. “It’s a fact of life,” he said, adding that his authority would consider any proposal for more jetties.

Although fishing was allowed on many of Sydney Harbour’s wharves, “unfortunately we do get complaints about the mess left behind”.

A Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority spokeswoman said although not encouraged, fishing was permitted “where it does not conflict with commercial activity” around Circular Quay, Darling Harbour and Pyrmont – the latter even having a fish cleaning area


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