Foreshore Stabilisation 2016

Project name: Foreshore Beach Stabilisation                                               Client: Port Authority of New South Wales  Value: $3 – 4 million              Location: Foreshore Road, Port Botany        Duration: 29 weeks                      Commencement: June 2016


Overview: Foreshore Beach is located in Botany Bay, NSW, between Sydney Airport and Port Botany. Since its formation, the beach has shown signs of erosion resulting in the transport of sand northwards towards the Mill Stream.

In addition to the erosion issues, two Sydney Water Corporation stormwater outlets discharging at Foreshore Beach experience regular sand inundation, due to drifting sand.

Monitoring of the area has indicated that wave action at Foreshore Beach has resulted in erosion, causing adverse impacts on seagrasses in the area.

Ward has been engaged to address the erosion issues on the land leased by the Port Authority of NSW, and the ongoing blockage of Sydney Water stormwater pipes.

Scope of works:

  • Construction of two composite rock armour and Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) sheet piled groynes incorporating the existing Sydney Water stormwater outlet pipes
  • Construction of a separate FRP sheet piled groyne with a rock armour walkway at the root located approximately midway between the above two groynes
  • Sand filling and profiling the beach to required profiles