NSW Ports

NSW Ports is the owner (until 2112 when the 99 year lease expires) of Port Botany, Port Kembla, Enfield and Cooks River Terminal .

Management Team consists of Marika Calfas(CEO – formerly Sydney Ports delivery T3); Dom Figliomeni (formerly CEO Port Kembla); Lachlan McDonald; Judith McCombe; Andrew Lincoln, Wayne Ashton, Peter Engelen,

The members of the  Board are as follows:

mclintock Chairman, Paul McClintock



Michael HannaMichael Hanna from IFM – one of the major shareholders in the consortium – read the story of the sale. 




bloodTim Blood, when CEO of P&O Ports did not back T3 configuration  and neither did the  Government until the leadership of Carr(Premier), Refshauge (Treasurer), Knowles (Planning Minister) changed in the Winter of 2005 to Iemma(Premier), Costa (Treasurer), Sartor (Planning Minister).


Don-Telford-forkliftactioncom_300Don Telford, ex Pacific National speaking about Rail.




Ari-DrogaAri Droga, Head of Australasia for Global Infrastructure Partners (Investment Fund)  MCA Foundation.



jackson Craig Jackson, accountant.



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