Tracking decisions – NSW Treasury’s John Pierce

Leading up to and during the Commission of Inquiry (2004-5) into the Port Botany expansion  NSW Treasury strongly supported a third terminal.  The Commission did not, but was overruled.  Secretary of Treasury during this period was John Pierce (February 1997 – December 2008).  He presided over PPPs, such as the Cross City Tunnel and Lane Cove Tunnel, and during his watch the M5 East was built with 2 rather than 3 lanes each way.  After Nathan Rees’ appointment as Premier in late 2008 Pierce resigned and in the following March was appointed by Kevin Rudd as Secretary to the Department of Resources Energy and Tourism under Minister Martin Ferguson.  That appointment lasted until April 2010.  The following month he was appointed as Chair of the Australian Energy Market Commission.  Based in Sydney the Commission employs 77 staff who make the rules for the Australian electricity and gas markets.  Pierce’s remuneration for this  position is above $560,000 (page 77 Annual Report 2015-16) 


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