Truck forecastForecast estimates of rigid and articulated truck shares, average loads, trip chaining and dead running parameters (fromNSW  Bureau of Transport Stats Transport for NSW Heavy Vehicle February 2014 )were assumed to be constant for the base and future years. The future year HCV and VKT forecasts for Sydney SD are summarized in Table 6.6.   BUT NOTE that these are based on achieving the following mode share at Port Botany:

Rail Road split  Rail targets have been set before, eg. in Railing Port Botany Containers the target for 2011 was 40%.

Freight  Container forecasts confirm planning for over 10 million TEU yet there has been no risk and impact assessment beyond 3.2 million TEU. Under Conditions of Consent issued 13/10/05 for the expansion of Port Botany an Environmental Assessment was to be conducted before the trade cap of 3.2 million  TEU was raised or removed.  The cap was removed by legislation for the lease (99 years) of the Port in 2013 but no EIS was conducted.  

Freight IMT The projections for intermodals shows Eastern Creek on line in 2031 and Enfield, only approved for 300,000 TEU raised to 500,000 TEU.

Forecast for trucks at Sydney Airport

Airport freight


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